Acknowledgements and sources
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Old Testament studies - acknowledgements

The following is a list of the various sources used to build up this web site. The sources have been used to widely varying extents, and not all are favourably inclined to all of the ideas presented here. Books are listed in alphabetic order of author's surname. Where indicated, the book may be purchased online in association with Amazon booksellers by clicking on the link.

The items listed here have been used to a greater or lesser extent during the development of this site. For a list of resources more specific to David Rohl's New Chronology (and not necessarily used on this site), please navigate to the New Chronology resource page.

Amazon UK


  Author Name Purchase Format, ISBN, publisher
  S.Y. AhituvCanaanite Toponyms in Ancient Egyptian Documents Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 9652235644, Magnes Press
  W.F. AlbrightSamuel and the Beginnings of the Prophetic Movement, Goldenson Lecture 1961 PaperbackHebrew Union College Press
  T.D. AlexanderAbraham in the Negev Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0853647925, Paternoster
  J.P. AllenMiddle Egyptian Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0521774837, Norton
  R. AlterGenesis Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 039331670X, Cambridge University Press
  R. AlterThe Art of Biblical Narrative Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 046500427X, Basic Books
  R. AlterThe Art of Biblical Poetry Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0567291766, Continuum or Basic Books
  R. AlterThe World of Biblical Literature Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0281046549, SPCK or Basic Books
  K.E. BaileyThe Cross and the Prodigal Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0830832815, Intervarsity Press
  K.E. BaileyPoet and Peasant Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802819478, Eerdmans
  S. Bar-EfratNarrative Art in the Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0567084957, Clark
  L. BerkhofSystematic Theology Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0802838200, Eerdmans
  D.I. BlockThe Gods of the Nations Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0851114717, Apollos or Baker
  P. BovatiRe-establishing Justice (JSOT Sup) Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 1850752907, Sheffield Academic Press
  British and Foreign Bible SocietyHebrew Old Testament Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0564000299,
  F. Brown, S. Driver, C. BriggsBrown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 1565632060, Hendrikson
  H.N. Bream et al (eds)Light Unto My Path: Old Testament Studies in Honour of Jacob M.Myers Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0877220263, Temple University Press
  R. Caplice and D. SnellAn Introduction to Akkadian Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 8876535667, Pontifico or Loyola
  J.L. CrenshawEducation in Ancient Israel Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0385468911, Anchor
  F.M. CrossCanaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0674091760, Harvard University Press
  F.M. CrossFrom Epic to Canon Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0801865336, Johns Hopkins University Press
  F.M. CrossAncient Yahwistic Poetry Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802841597, Eerdmans or Scholars Press
  H. CohenBiblical Hapax Legomena in the Light of Akkadian and Ugaritic Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 089130195X, Scholars Press
  M. Collier and B. ManleyHow to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0520239490, University of California Press
  M. CooganScripture and Other Artifacts: Essays on Archaeology and the Bible in Honor of Philip J.King Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0664220363, Westminster John Knox Press
  P.C. CraigieUgarit and the Old Testament Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802819281, Eerdmans
  R.C. CulleyStudies in the structure of Hebrew narrative Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0800615042, Fortress Press
  J. CurridAncient Egypt and the Old Testament Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0801021375, Baker Academic
  D. DamroschThe Narrative Covenant Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0801499348, Cornell University Press
  J. DayIn Search of Pre-Exilic Israel Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0567082067, T and T Clark, Continuum
  D.A. DorseyThe Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0801838983, Johns Hopkins University Press
  J.H. EatonFirst Studies in Biblical Hebrew Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0704404060, JSOT Press 1980
  J.C. ExumTragedy and Biblical Narrative Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0521565065, Cambridge University Press
  R.O. FaulknerConcise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0900416327, Griffith Institute
  M. FishbaneBiblical Text and Texture Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 1851681515, One World Publications
  B.R. FosterBefore the Muses Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 1883053765, University Press of Maryland
  J.L. FosterLove Songs of the New Kingdom Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0292724772, University of Texas Press
  J.L. FosterHymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0788501577, SBL Scholars Press
  J.L. FosterEchoes of Egyptian Voices Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0806124113, University of Oklahoma Press
  J.L. FosterThought Couplets in The Tale of Sinuhe Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 3631460058, Peter Lang
  J.D. FowlerTheophoric Personal Names in Ancient Hebrew Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 1850750386, Sheffield University Press
  D.N. FreedmanAncient Yahwistic Poetry Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802841597, Eerdmans or Scholars Press
  D.N. FreedmanPottery, Poetry and Prophecy Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0931464048, Eisenbrauns
  A. GardinerEgyptian Grammar Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0900416351, Griffith Institute
  S.E. GillinghamThe Poems and Psalms of the Hebrew Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0192132431, Oxford University Press
  R. GillamPerformance and Drama in Ancient Egypt Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0715634046, Duckworth Egyptology
  K.R.R. Gros LouisLiterary Interpretations of Biblical Narratives Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0687221315, Abingdon Press
  D.M. Gunn and D.N. FewellNarrative in the Hebrew Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0192132458, Oxford University Press
  O.R. GurneyThe Hittites Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0140126015, Penguin Books
  C. Herzog and M. GichonBattles of the Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 185367477X, Greenhill Books
  M. HealeyQadesh, 1300BC: Clash of the Warriors Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 1855323001, Osprey
  J.K. HoffmeierIsrael in Egypt Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 019513088X, Oxford University Press
  J.K. HoffmeierIsrael in Sinai Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0195155467, Oxford University Press
  J.K. Hoffmeier and A.R. Millard (eds)The Future of Biblical Archaeology Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802821731, Eerdmans
  W.L. HumphreysThe Tragic Vision and the Hebrew Tradition Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0800615425, Fortress Press
  IVPNew Bible Dictionary Paperback0851108229
  W.C. Kaiser JrThe Old Testament Documents Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0851115586, IVP 2001
  P.H. KelleyBiblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802805981,
  P.H. Kelley, T.L. Burden, T.G. CrawfordBiblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar (Handbook) Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 080280828X,
  P.G. KirkpatrickThe Old Testament and Folklore Study Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 1850751137, Continuum or Sheffield Academic Press
  K.A. KitchenAncient Orient and Old Testament HardbackTyndale 1966
  K.A. KitchenThe Bible in its World PaperbackTyndale 1966
  M.G. KlineThe Treaty of the Great King HardbackEerdmans, Michigan 1963
  T.O. LambdinIntroduction to Biblical Hebrew Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0232513694, Darton,Longman and Todd or Gardners Books
  M. LichtheimAncient Egyptian Literature: Volume I Old and Middle Kingdoms Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0520248422, University of California Press
  M. LichtheimAncient Egyptian Literature: Volume II New Kingdom Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0520248430, University of California Press
  V.P. Long, D.W. Baker and G.J. Wenham (eds)Windows into Old Testament History Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0802839622, Eerdmans 2002
  J. LichtStorytelling in the Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 9652235423, Magnes Press or B'Nai B'rith Books
  A.B. LordThe Singer of Tales Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0674002830, Harvard University Press
  A. MalamatMari and the Early Israelite Experience Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0197261175, Oxford University Press
  B. ManleyPenguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0140513310, Penguin Books
  A.D.H. MayesIsrael in the Period of the Judges Paperback334007472SCM Press 1974
  B. MazarThe Early Biblical Period Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 9652210056, Israel exploration Society, Jerusalem
  A.R. Millard, J.K. Hoffmeier and D.W. Baker (eds)Faith, Tradition and History Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 093146482X, Eisenbrauns
  R.D. MillerChieftains of the Highland Clans Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 080280988X, Eerdmans
  T.C. MitchellThe Bible in the British Museum Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 071411698X,
  J.J. NiehausGod at Sinai Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0310494710, Zondervan
  I. PardesThe Biography of Ancient Israel Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0520236866, University of California Press
  M. ParryThe Making of Homeric Verse Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 019520560X, Oxford University Press
  J.B. Pritchard (editor)Ancient Near Eastern Texts Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0691035032, Princeton University Press
  J.B. Pritchard (ed)The Times Concise Atlas of the Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0007116136, Times Books
  Y.T. Radday and A. BrennerOn Humour and the Comic in the Hebrew Bible Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 1850757011, Continuum or Almond Press
  D. RohlA Test of Time (Pharaohs and Kings) Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0099416565,
  D. RohlLegend: The Genesis of Civilisation Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 009979991X,
  D. RohlLegend: The Genesis of Civilisation Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 071267747X,
  L.A. SchokelThe Inspired Word: Scripture in the Light of Language and Literature Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, B0000CNO4M, Burns and Oates, Herder and Herder 1965
  M.H. SegalThe Pentateuch: Its Composition and its Authorship PaperbackJerusalem 1967
  S. SegertA Basic Grammar of the Ugaritic Language Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0520039998, University of California Press
  A.J. SpalingerAspects of the Military Documents of the Ancient Egyptians Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0300023812, Yale University Press
  J. StrongStrongs Concordance Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0785250565, Zondervan or Nelson
  J.N. TubbCanaanites Amazon UK · Amazon COMHardback, 0714120898,
  J.W. WelchChiasmus in Antiquity Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0934893330, Research Pr
  M. WoodIn Search of the Trojan War Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 0563522658, BBC Books or University of California Press
  N. WyattReligious Texts from Ugarit Amazon UK · Amazon COMPaperback, 1850758476, Continuum or Sheffield Academic Press
 Various volumes of Biblical Archaeologist
 Various volumes of Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum 
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Various standard translations of the Bible have been drawn on in places, including the NIV, NASB, Complete Jewish Bible and AV, as well as personal translations.

Old Testament Studies: Reliability and Chronology

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