Advertisements On Facebook And How You Can Benefit

The easiest way to attract attention to an advertisement is by presenting the reader with a burning question or a striking question. Whether you run a small business like these paving contractors do or run a brick and mortar business like this bathroom radiators manufacturer or this fixed seating company, how you market your business is going to be key to your success. Here are more thoughts by the marketing pros that will help you get started.

The best way to start your ad is by calling out the user and asking them a question. If you do your research you’ll see this is one of the oldest yet most effective techniques and is still considered effective in the age of social media marketing. Think of a question that people will answer with a wholehearted yes and you’ve got a winning ad on your hands already.

The word “today” is an effective anchor when you wish to create urgency in a Facebook Ad. For example, if you want people to sign up for a special newsletter, you can write “Sign Up Today” on your advertisement so people look at the reason why you have to sign up immediately. Then follow with some convincing text on the body of the advertisement.

If your promotion involves discounts or other special privileges, don’t forget to highlight these in your Ad. Instead of trying to introduce your brand directly to your target audience, introduce your special offer to get them to click on your Ad.

People normally look at the incentive before looking at the brand. If a person sees “Get 75% Discount Today!” he will click first and look at the source of the discount later. That’s how the market generally responds to special offers.

A UK based seo Manchester and director of marketing for this assisted living chicago business and notes “So as a rule of thumb, express big things with small, simple words. It may take some practice, but this particular tip will carry your Ads a long way because your message will be understood by everyone.”

Every advertisement on Facebook has a thumbnail image. Don’t just upload any old image for your advertisement. Choose the most memorable and most engaging images you have for your Ads.

Carly Gesser runs the marketing for Evolvmd and this storage units manchester business and says “If you want to sell something outright to your audience, there’s no point in directing them to a Facebook page that does not have an extension of your online store. So if you want them to buy directly, don’t make the process more difficult than necessary.”

Gayle Masse runs the Facebook marketing for these turf suppliers and also this scented candles retailer and notes “If the advertisement presents a 50% discount on shoes, give them a link that leads them to a web page where they can buy shoes at 50% discount. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to buy – take full advantage of those seconds so you can maximize your return on investment when you begin spending for Facebook Ads.”

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