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General chronology
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Bronze and Iron ages - a chronological comparison

Conventional New Chronology Notes
Conventional chronology - overview New chronology - overview Within Egypt, FIP, SIP and TIP stand for First, Second and Third Intermediate Period respectively. Early dynastic period is counted as dynasties 1 and 2. The Old Kingdom consists of dynasties 3-6, FIP dynasties 7 to part-way through 11, Middle Kingdom is the remainder of 11 and all of 12, SIP is dynasties 13-17 inclusive, New Kingdom is 18-20 and TIP is 21-26. It will be noted that the differences between the conventional and New Chronologies are not only of overall position but also of duration - for example in the New Chronology the SIP is rather longer but the TIP shorter.

All "Metal Ages" are taken with reference to events in Egypt for convenience, and the dates are approximate and representative of typical opinion, rather than exact. The Early Bronze Age ends with the start of the Old Kingdom. Middle Bronze I matches the FIP and most of the Middle Kingdom. Middle Bronze II spans from the end of the Middle Kingdom to the close of the SIP. Late Bronze matches the New Kingdom, and the Iron Age enters with the 20th dynasty, towards the end of the New Kingdom. Within these broad bands, finer divisions are also used in varying ways by different authors. EBI is often taken to match Naqada, EBII Dynasty 1 and part of D2. The exact way MBI and II are divided differs, though MBIIC matches the Greater Hyksos period. LBI runs from the expulsion of the Hyksos to the accession of Amenhotep III (sometimes divided into A and B at Thutmose III's attack on Megiddo). LB IIA spans the Amarna period to the accession of Horemheb, and LBIIB the 19th dynasty.

General chronology