How to Make and Market a Youtube Video

Youtube is probably one of the biggest and most well-known video sites out there. More and more people every day are learning how to utilize youtube and many other video sites to promote their online business and services. It doesn’t matter what type of opportunity you’re offering there’s always an audience wanting to buy from you.

Making a video and posting it on Youtube scares a lot of people, your putting yourself out there for the whole world to see. keep in mind that the whole world sees your videos, so there is no limit on the amount of money you can make using this type of advertising, and you can have more than one video at a time showing.

A few questions people have when making a video.

1. how much does it cost?
2. how do create the video?
3. how do I upload the video to youtube?

Let’s start with the question how much does it cost? the answer to that question is FREE. All the software you need to produce a video is free.

Paige Johnson runs the social media marketing for this fitzmill parts company and this beauty treatments Milton Keynes business and says “On your pc, you should have a program called Windows Movie Maker which should have come already installed on your computer. But if not you can download it for free at, you’ll also need the CamStudio program which is also free and you can get that at”

Next how to create the video

You use the CamStudio program to record the screen you want to show people and you have the option to record your voice with this program. after your done recording you use windows movie maker to edit your video, where you can add sound effects, music, or just record your voice.if you want to just record a video of your self-talking just use a video camera instead of CamStudio.

How to upload a video to

Greta Jones runs the Youtube marketing for this borehole drilling business and this ham gift store and notes “First, you need to set up an account which is free. Then after you’ve logged in go to my account, and click on tab videos, then click on the new tab and then click upload video. then you’ll upload video from the file you saved the video earlier you’ll need to wait a few minutes for the video to go live.”

Jim Baker runs the marketing for this waterfall taps store and also for MT Mechelec and notes “You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a Youtube video, in my opinion using video marketing and video marketing sites to promote your products and services is the best form of free advertising out there today.”

You can also embed your videos on your blog, in forums, there are just hundreds of places to have your video playing, so you can make a lot of money

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